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페이스북 트위터
Information Sessions at PAMS this year will consist of an array of diversified events promoting the future 10 years of the Seoul Arts Market. PAMS has taken a leading position in the presentation of contemporary performing arts in the 21st Century.

  • Focus Session
  • Round Table

The Future of Asian Performing Arts —China NOW

Envisioning to be a window of Asian performing arts, PAMS set up a focus region and country every year, before Offering in-depth information about the country, including current state, issues and market information of performing arts. As the starter of special series that will be run for the next three years, China NOW will give you a chance to ponder about future vision, driven by cooperation and exchange with China.

PART 1. Today of Chinese Performing Arts

10.7 (Tue) 10:30-12:00 NTOK KB Haneul
This session presents by the leading organizations and festivals that tells about the current state of affairs in performing Arts in China. Domestic and overseas artistic activities of Chinese artists and performing art experts, and introduces the system that encourages global artists to pursue their activities in China, while cooperating and exchanging with their Chinese counterparts.

PART 2. Tomorrow of Chinese Performing Arts

10.7 (Tue) 13:00-14:30 NTOK KB Haneul
This corner deals with not only trends and demand of creation from the perspective of Chinese performing arts experts but also marketability and chance of partnership in China on the viewpoint of overseas experts, shedding light on actual exchange cases.

구분 국가 성명 소속/직함
PART 1 China, Beijing Fu Weibo Director, Management Centre, National Theatre of China Secretary General, The Federation of Small Theatre in Beijing
China, Guangdong Deng Jun CEO, Guang Dong South Culture Development Co.Ltd.
China, Shanghai He Nien Director, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center
China, Guangdong Karen Cheung Director, Guangdong Dance Festival (GMDF)
China, Beijing Shao Zehui Prgrammer/ Director, Beijing International Youth Drama Festival
PART 2 China, Guangzhou Kwong Wailap Founder, Shanghai Fringe / Consultant, Guangzhou Cultural Links Management Consulting
China, Shanghai Nick Yu Producer, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center / Chief director, Shanghai International Contemporary Theater Festival
China Beijing Gao Wei International Collaboration Commissioner/ Sound of the Xity
United States Washington D.C Alicia Adams Vice President / International programming &Dance Director, The Kennedy Center
Korea Koo Ja-hung General Director, Myeongdong Theater

※ Chinese, English, Korean simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

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