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페이스북 트위터

The Performing Arts Market in Seoul hosts a wide array of special events to make your experience a memorable one and to enable you to connect with colleagues.

  • Opening Ceremony & Opening Reception
  • Closing Ceremony & Closing Reception
  • 10-year Anniversary Exhibition
  • PAMS Open Stage

In celebration of the PAMS 10-year anniversary, the opening reception will focus on camaraderie, an exceptionally pleasant experience and a celebratory performance looking back on the history of PAMS.

Opening Performances
Let's ask to ourselves the way the art in the next century should look like, while looking back on PAMS events to date. By revisiting the evolutionary process of the body of performing arts, among cultural outputs that have been created in the course of social upheaval since Korea began its modernization, through the language of body of non-experts, not the performance of experts groups, in a wish to reproduce the modernity coded in the genes of the Korean people.

Performance : Body Museum-From Body to Body
Date : Oct.7(Tue) 18:00-19:30
Venue : Small Hall Dal, NTOK

Opening reception
Date : Oct.7 (Tue) 19:30-20:00
Venue : Small Hall Dal, NTOK

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