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페이스북 트위터

If you are a performer and/or performing group,

Promote your group and work, and look for future possibilities of creative collaboration. Among the programs prepared for you are the Booth Exhibition, where you can promote your field of work and projects, Speed Dating, where you can meet programmers coming from festivals and arts centres, a Focus Session, where you can delve into the Asian performing arts market, and Round Tables, where you can get together in topic groups to talk about specific issues and experiences.

If you are from festivals and arts centers,

Take part in the programs that provide a vivid look at the performing arts in Korea and countries overseas. Look for your possibilities for future creative co-operation and explore the creativity in the contemporary performing arts. You can access PAMS Choice, showcases for ten competitively selected Korean performances, the International Showcase, and LIP Showcase, showing excerpts from international co-productions for its premiere.

Registration and Reservation

After getting registered as either an Individual Participant or Booth Exhibitor, you can participate in a variety of programs such as performances, information sessions, and networking meetings among other events. Some of the programs require prior reservation, so don't miss out on them.

* Once your registration is completed, you can use the participant login service. After logging in, you can make reservations
for specific programs, which require prior reservation.
* Programs such as the Focus Session, the Round Tables, and PAMS Night do not require reservation

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