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페이스북 트위터

PAMS will introduce some international performing arts showcases with support from overseas partners.

RefleXction International Showcase
Daniel Léveillé Danse - Solitudes Solo
The infinite slowness of improbable sayings is now added to his last three works’ rough and syncopated dancing. Unexpected softness, almost lyrical. Sublime beauty of intensely present dancers.
The first instalment of a new creation cycle, Solitudes Solo presents us with Daniel Léveillé at the height of his powers and a choreography that is as finely chiselled as a diamond necklace. www.danielleveilledanse.org

Oct. 9(Thu) 17:30-17:55 Small Hall Dal, NTOK
A Malaysian Fusion Focus Showcase
Luoning Jazz Trio - Luoning Jazz Trio Concert
He is now one of the most excellent pianists of JAZZ in Beijing. He has his own unique understanding and expression on JAZZ piano and classical music, and he is famous for his consummate playing skill and ebullience and enthusiasm. Since 1998, Luo Ning has frequently played in domestic and international stage of JAZZ, classical, popular or folk music, and he ever worked with JAZZ musician KENNY GARRETE, JENS WINTHER and so on. www.luoningmusic.com

Oct. 8(Wed) 15:40-16:10 KB Haneul, NTOK
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